About Us

Est in 2017, Pullen’s honey are a first generation beekeeping family located in Tabbita NSW in the Riverina.

How it all began…

Our first original plan was to purchase a 79 series land cruiser Ute & purchase 50 hives which is manageable to move around with the Ute.
However, Anthony then found 100 hives, already on timber pallets, ready to go! So there went that idea of just ‘50 hives & a Ute’!

So, we purchased 100 hives, straight up, In the deep end.
And of course, we then needed to purchase a truck, and something to load & unload the hives etc etc!

First we purchased an Avant loader. (Articulated loader), which is the green machine you’ll see in some of our pictures.

We found a little old Isuzu truck another beekeeper was selling, so we pounced on it. And still to this day, she runs good as gold & we use it as a backup truck.

That started us off, and now here we are 5 seasons later, we are up to 1000 hives, bought a ‘big truck’ a freightliner Argosy & are still a family run business just ourselves, Anthony & Louise! Along with our 4 beautiful children. 

Doing what we love 🐝